Interactive Mobile Campaigns
How it works
Fanboard partners with sports clubs, venues and live events to place sponsor branded games inside the partner's app. Many times we build the app and other times we build into an existing application. 

Fanboard offers a variety of games for in-venue play. Many involve catching 3D characters.  Fans can vote on mascot races by using fun facial filters. Fanboard can incorporate what is taking place on the court or field using real-time stats, like placing gloves over the bases with baserunners. 

Fanboard continues engagement outside of the venue by encouraging fans to create content at restaurants and other brick and mortar locations, or interact with products in the home like turning a pizza box into home plate for an AR batter. 
As fans engage with the branded games the interactions are automactially camptured in their Game Day Story.  Fans are ecouraged to share the branded content to receive incentives, rewards and additional points. 

Not only does Fanboard recognize how many people are engaing with these experiences but we know who they are and we even know who they are reaching on social. 

Instead of limiting content creation to a small marketing team with boots on the ground, an army of fans can be the driving force behind content creation and distribution. 
Now that fans are creating sizeable content, Fanboard provides the means for marketer to filter and distribute the user generated content (UGC). Easily find the videos and images with the biggest smiles and optimized branding.

Send favorites to the big screen and display boards.  Click and drag to create optimized UGC videos and export to team and brand websites and social platforms.

Filter to view winners and participants of specific games to continue the engagement. 

Watch CMS explainer video

Fanboard provides the necessary backend tools to manage the games unique to the team and venue.  Here marketers can change key variables such as character locations, game objectives and rewards for game completion.  

Real-time analytics are captured and displayed for sports clubs and participating sponsors.  For the first time there is quantifiable data depicting the engaged audience. Social enagement exponentially improves and marketers can engage on the many platforms from the Fanboard dashboard. 

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