Augmenting the fan experience

Immersive technology for live event marketing
Fanboard creates and distributes AR/VR /MR games & experiences through the apps of sports clubs, events and venues.  Fanboard is the easiest way to buy and scale a live event campaign with the most engaging technology to date.


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    Using augmented & virtual reality in the form of mobile games, teams can now provide fun experiential marketing experiences to their fans. Games like mascot scavenger hunts, facial filter trivia and more. Teams can engage their fans before, during and after the event and even in the offseason with sponsor branded AR games.
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    Fans are eager to download and play as the immersive technology provides fun interactions and opportunities to earn rewards. Because fans use a social login marketers know exactly who their fans are and even who their fans are connected to. Team are now have infinite opportunities for further engagement.
  3. 3
    Convert fans to customers by incentivizing participation with in-venue & sponsor rewards. Lead fans around transaction points like concession & merchandise stands or sponsors' locations. Convert fans to active social influencers as they share team & sponsored content they create when playing branded games.


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    Engagement Campaigns
    Using AR/VR, we can scale experiential marketing to infinite destinations. Fanboard creates fun games paired with the events and venues you wish to reach. We automatically capture the interactions of delighted fans playing your game. Fans share their branded content on social to extend your brand's reach.
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    Campaign Varieties
    Games can be made for in-venue play as they are paired to what's happening on the field. Games can lead fans to brick & mortar locations, and games can be tied to your products whether inside the venue, ordered to a fan's home or purchased at a store or vending machine.
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    Reach Your Audience
    Fanboard can reach specific venues by geography, specific sports league or target audience. From the hundreds of family oriented Minor League ballparks to Millennial centric music festivals we can reach your audience.
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