Augmenting the fan experience
Fan Experience Enhanced
Interaction. Engagement. Connection.
Fanboard allows fans to interact with live events using new multimedia and digital games.  From scavenger hunts to puck and ball tracers, fans can do more than just watch the sporting events they attend. Fanboard captures these engagements providing long lasting memories that connect fans to their favorite teams.
  1. 1
    Engaging Games
    Using their phones as a capturing device, fans can scour the venue to collect hidden tokens like Coke bottles or Delta wings for rewards or to unlock exclusive filters. Fans can be enticed to return to the ballpark by turning the game into a digital punch card. After finding five Golden Arches with five visits, for example, a fan is rewarded with prizes.
  2. 2
    Interactive Filters
    Fans turn their cameras to the field where they can interact with the game. Filters can bring basketballs to life by turning three pointers into fireballs. They can transform baseballs into comets as they trail over the outfield wall. Filters can be made available to everyone or they can be made exclusive.
  3. 3
    Group Participation
    Today's fans depict their experiences through stories but these stories have been limited to one perspective. Most of the time, however, fans attend events with friends, family and colleagues. Fanboard allows groups to create stories and participate in the digital games together providing multiple perspectives from multiple locations.
Game Manager
Content Manager
Big Screen Moments
As content is created in a team's native app, marketing personnel can easily filter  content and send desired images and video snippets to digital display boards throughout the venue.
New Video Content
As fans develop stories, they are creating infinite user generated content that can be shared through the team's app, website, social media and distributors.
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